The balance is tragic, the prognosis worrying: Hall roofs pose a serious and still underestimated risk. The tragedy of Bad Reichenhall, the ice rink that was a death trap for 15 people, is not an isolated case. The disastrous series of hall roof collapses continues to this day.

A study of the TÜV SÜD (Technical Inspection Association) has shown that about half of the buildings inspected had relevant defects. Another result also gives rise to concern: The independent experts state that the risk of collapse generally remains the same over the entire service life of a hall.

The real trigger for the collapse of a roof is usually environmental influence - design flaws, construction defects, material weakness and lack of maintenance further complicates the situation.Source: May 2006 TÜV SÜD AG Press Release

Possible causes include compressed snow, clogged rain drains, frozen drain pipes, etc.. This can cause a static overload that can overwhelm even the most stable hall roof.

The failure probability is high. He who plans ahead acts now. With the proven preventive concept: the innovative TZÜ® Sensor System from Richard Jahre GmbH.

The TZÜ® Sensor System from Richard Jahre can be used for:

  • production and storage halls
  • sport, gymnastics and swimming halls
  • sports stadiums and concert halls
  • trade fair and market halls
  • shopping centres and supermarkets
  • historic buildings and halls
  • airports, hangars and railway stations