Where as targeted visual inspection was the rule up to now, for the first time the Richard Jahre early warning system provides a permanent status check of hall roofs. With the development of this unique solution and its totally new approach, the engineers from Richard Jahre have made a breakthrough in terms of structural stability.

The patented "Made in Germany" global innovation is a TZÜ® Sensor System (girder status monitoring), that continuously and independently monitors the deformation of roofs made from wood, steel, prestressed and reinforced concrete.

The sensitive sensor system converts mechanical stress into electrical signals and immediately raises an alert when critical measured values are reached e.g. due to weather conditions or material weakness.

Risk warnings are reported visually and acoustically as well as transmitted electronically (e-mail, SMS). The hall display unit was developed in collaboration with Siemens AG. Action can be immediately taken in cases of overloading.

The TZÜ® Sensor System operates with 100% reliability:

  • wood construction
  • steel construction
  • prestressed and reinforced concrete construction