The history of the company is also a piece of technology history.
Company founder Richard Jahre is one of the pioneers of radio technology and previously built an empire based on capacitors.

The quality standard of Richard Jahre capacitors has gained international recognition.
In the era of electronic components the company changed its orientation and continued to expand. In the 90s, the focus was on traditional product groups - mica capacitors, mica plates and inductors. Beginning with the new millennium a new speciality area was added - sensing elements.
The first halls were equipped with the TZÜ® Sensor System in 2010.

The breakthrough solution not only received wide recognition in the professional world.
In 2011 Richard Jahre GmbH was a prizewinner and audience favourite at the prestigious "365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" innovation competition. The additional award as audience favourite shows the importance the public places on hall safety issues. With the use of the TZÜ® Sensor System hall operators achieve the necessary safety as well as a considerable image boost!

Richard Jahre GmbH has production sites in Wilhelmshaven and Berlin:

  • TZÜ® Sensor System
  • sensing elements
  • mica capacitors
  • inductors
  • mica plates