The installation of the TZÜ® Sensor System provides a decisive contribution to hall quality assurance which the authorities as well as the public urgently demand. Even in times of scarce resources, hall operators bear the full responsibility for the safety of visitors as well as for the value retention of the building.

With the tried and tested Richard Jahre GmbH early warning system it is now possible to monitor the risk of a hall roof collapse within a manageable budget. This entirely new one-of-a kind technological approach ensures low maintenance and reduces the overall operating costs.

This innovative solution is compact and can also be easily retrofitted. At the same time it offers significant economic advantages: The cost of regular official inspections by structural engineers, surveyors and assessors is significantly reduced because the inspection intervals can be extended. In addition, thanks to the real-time measurement data, scheduled renovation work can be much more targeted.

Inadequate maintenance, servicing and hidden construction defects can lead to overloading of the roof structure.

Further danger points are:

  • 1 - clogged run-offs
  • 2 - lack of emergency overflows
  • 3 - snow and snow build-up
  • 4 - unaccounted loads (e.g. solar panels)
  • 5 - to much gravel
  • 6 - corrosion and material fatigue